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    Before you understand it's happening, obsession takes hold. 

    Judd Farnon had no choice but to risk death in escaping prison. If he stayed, he was a dead man. 

    An old boarding house where if you are honest, no questions are asked offers him the start of a new life. 

    While trying to forget his past and the events that put him in jail in the first place, Judd finds more and more people are showing up in his room at the boarding house claiming it as their own. If this wasn't odd enough, the town itself has a tragic history, and a street of open-air jail cells does not sit well with a former convict. 

    When a murder is committed, all eyes fall on him. 

    And yet, Judd can't bring himself to leave. But why? 

    If you love atmospheric horror tinged with dread, you'll love A Shaded Room.

    Get it now...but don't stay too long!

    ©2020 Rory McNeill (P)2020 Rory McNeill

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