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    Winter has arrived in Hemlock Cove, and the Angelo family of witches are hoping for a restful week in a cozy lakeside wood cabin on a luxury New England estate. But when Noah, their pet dog, digs up a bone, Grace and her family are plunged into a decades-old mystery: the disappearance of the former owner of the estate, Everett Goodman. 

    But the bone isn’t the only puzzle Grace needs to solve. There’s also the matter of the strange groundskeeper, Eddy, who lives in the woods and barely speaks a word. And stranger still, a dark secret that hangs over the estate. 

    With her sleuthing skills and intuition pushed to the limits, Grace Angelo is on the case again as she tries to close the cold case and discover what had happened in the woods all those years ago, and what is behind the dark energy that clings to the estate. 

    This book can be heard as a stand-alone mystery as all the books in the Witches of Hemlock Cove series can. 

    If you like fun clues, a twisty mystery, and larger-than-life characters that will quickly become your friends, don't hesitate to join the Angelos in the Witches of Hemlock Cove. 

    All the books in this series do not contain strong violence, language, or scenes of a sexual nature. They are clean listens.

    ©2017 Kennedy Chase (P)2018 Audible, Inc.

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