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    Welcome to Book One in "The Hellion Club", the nickname for the Darrow School, where miscreant noblemen send their illegitimate daughters to keep them out of sight, out of mind, and to make them employable.

    It's propriety, secrets, and passion in this scorching new series! 

    Douglas “Devil” Ashton, Lord Deveril, was forced by his father to join the army and was exiled to India. It was punishment for all his many wicked, wild, and reckless ways. While serving his country, the unthinkable happens at home. Devil’s sister is seduced by a fortune hunter and cast out by their father. By the time Devil returns to England, he’s too late to save her...butif he can obtain the right governess, one who specializes in working with children others have deemed unmanageable, he might be able to save his niece. 

    There is only one problem - no respectable woman would ever consent to be employed in the house of the Devil Lord. If she did, she’d never be able to be employed elsewhere again, as his very name is synonymous with ruin. 

    But Wilhelmina Marks is no ordinary governess. She’s a graduate of the Darrow School, an integral member of The Hellion Club, and a determined lady in her own right. Marina, Lord Deveril’s niece is a challenge… but not nearly as challenging as her uncle. He is all that they have said of him. Hedonistic. Rakishly charming. Too handsome by far. But also kind and, perhaps, a little broken. It’s that combination which draws Willa to him and makes him irresistible to her. 

    But danger looms when Marina’s wastrel, fortune hunting father returns, intent on claiming his daughter. 

    Willa and Devil must work together to keep the little girl safe... is it a recipe for disaster or a recipe for love?

    The Hellion Club Series:

    • Book One - A Rogue to Remember
    • Book Two - Barefoot in Hyde Park
    • Book Three - What Happens in Piccadilly
    • Book Four - Sleepless in Southhampton
    • Book FIve - When an Earl Loves a Governess
    • Book Six - The Duke's Magnificent Obsession
    • Book Seven - The Governess Diaries
    ©2019 Chasity Bowlin (P)2021 Chasity Bowlin

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