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A Rebel's Heart

Ashwood Falls, Book 3.5
Autor: Lia Davis
Sprecher: Annika Hart
Serie: Ashwood Falls, Titel 5
Spieldauer: 1 Std.
Kategorien: English - Romance, Fantasy

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Widow and mother to five full-grown males, Sarah Matthews lives the best she can - one day at a time. Now that her babies are having babies, she relishes spoiling her grandkids. But her inner mountain lion is restless, and Sarah can't shake the feeling that something is lurking in the woods surrounding her home. The unease becomes a reality when a man, who she thought died with her mate five years ago, comes back into her life with trouble on his heels.

Damian Palmer never considered revealing his existence to his best friend's widow. Hell, he didn't know how she'd react to knowing that he had been alive for the last five years while her human mate was dead.

When he gets word that Sarah has become the next victim of Shield, a human rebel organization set up to hunt and kill shapeshifters, Damian must go to Sarah and uphold his best friend's dying wish to keep her safe. Buried pain, old lies, and dangerous secrets aren't enough to keep the sparks from flying as they try to survive a new threat against their race.

©2014 Lia Davis (P)2015 Lia Davis

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