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Leonidas Piper watched from the surface of Jergan as the warship he was serving on with his best friend was blasted into rubble by John Blakely's Pirate Fleet. That warship was all they had left after the Unity Government disbanded their mercenary legion. Now nothing remained of it but gas and debris in orbit above Jergan. Two years later fate stepped in again; Leonidas was on a commercial Starliner traveling to Kellinger when it was stopped and boarded by a crew of pirates led by John Blakely. Blakely murdered three passengers but failed to acquire the code to open the Starliner's safe. He was forced to leave empty handed.

Leonidas is approached after the attack by a young woman offering to pay him to go after and kill Blakely for the murder of two of her family members, which is exactly what Leonidas was planning all along; he owed Blakely for Mark's death.

However, things get complicated quickly when he learns the identity of this passenger, along with the contents of the wall safe. In no time at all, he and his benefactor are running for their lives and escape doesn't look good.

A Pirate's Tale takes place in the Filament Universe and it doesn't take long to determine that knowing who the good and bad guys are is nearly impossible. The twists and turns will keep you guessing and leave you wondering if the only solution is retribution.

©2016 Saxon Andrew Publishing LLC (P)2017 Saxon Andrew Publishing LLC


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