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    After solving her last mystery, Grace Angelo is hoping to enjoy some relaxation in the coastal town of Hemlock Cove with her friends. But things are anything but quiet when the town’s two warring families, the Mannings, and the Kings, take their long-running feud to all new levels.   

    To make matters worse, there’s still a killer on the loose and hints of dark magic wherever Grace turns. As Grace continues to stretch her magical abilities with her ongoing training, she soon realizes that she’ll need every ounce of power that she can muster if she’s to rid Hemlock Cove of the dark magic, find the murderer, and bring peace to the feuding families.   

    A Peculiar Pursuit can be listened to as a standalone mystery, but to learn more about the Angelo family and Hemlock Cove listeners can start at book 1: A Mystic Murder.

    ©2017 Kennedy Chase (P)2019 Audible, Inc.

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