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A Nose for Murder

A Riverside Lodge and Kennel Cozy Mystery, Book 1
Autor: Libby Saywell
Sprecher: Jessica Joens
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 49 Min.

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Daphne Coleman's life is not going at all as planned, and it just got worse. Here she is, back after college, working full time now at her old summer job as kennel manager at Riverside Lodge and Kennel. So much for her hard-earned degree in Greek and Roman mythology!

To make matters worse, the lodge is now owned by a former classmate and the homecoming queen, Cassandra Weatherstone, who's dating the love of Daphne's life while running the place into the ground with her outlandish ideas.

But that comes to a screeching halt when Daphne's Labrador Naiad sniffs out a dead body which turns out to be Cassandra, brutally stabbed.

Suddenly everyone is a suspect.

Daphne is certain that no one involved in the lodge or kennel is responsible, especially her much adored Jason Henning.

When the local police refuse to consider information she unearths, she realizes she just might have to solve the crime by herself.

Or rather, by herself and Naiad.

But with the summer tourist season approaching and a killer on the loose, could getting involved cost Daphne more than a job?

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