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A Mother for Her Birthday

Mail Order Brides of Arkansas
Sprecher: T.J. Allen
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 51 Min.

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Gabe Douglass is the sheriff of Rutger Creek, Arkansas, and the father of seven-year-old Eva. The death of his wife signaled the end of his love life. There is no room in his heart for anyone new. But when Eva wants a mommy for her birthday, Gabe’s mother goes behind his back and orders a mail order bride for him. 

Lucinda Aldridge’s world has turned upside down. The beautiful socialite from Boston was in a carriage accident, and her injuries leave her lame and barren. Her fiancé can’t deal with the situation and calls off their wedding. Now, Lucinda’s family pities and pampers her, not allowing her any freedom at all. She can’t stand her luxurious prison any longer. When she overhears the maids discussing becoming mail order brides, it gives Lucinda an idea.

Now, Lucinda is in Rutger Creek and discovers Gabe didn’t invite her there, at all. Should she stay on in the position of housekeeper and nanny he offered, or should she return to Boston defeated?

Finally, it’s the point of a gun that reveals their true feelings.

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