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    Midlife’s a bumpy journey. The ride is a freaking roller coaster. The crisis is real.

    With my life back to normal - normal being a very relative word - one would think I’d catch a break.

    One would be very wrong.

    With an angel gunning for me and a demon in my bed, life couldn’t be more complicated. Not to mention, I’m going to have to make a rather large life choice.

    Do I want to live forever?

    Does anyone? Forever is a very long time.

    Whatever. I’ll think about it tomorrow...or next week...or next month. As long as I have my girlfriends, my dogs, a super-sized case of merlot, and my deceased squatters, I’m good to go.

    My midlife crisis. My rules. If it doesn’t kill me dead first, I plan to have a most excellent midlife crisis.

    ©2021 Robyn Peterman (P)2021 Robyn Peterman

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