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A Map of the Invisible

Journeys into the Heart of Particle Physics
Sprecher: Wayne Forester
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 34 Min.

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What is the universe made of? How do we know? And what don't we know yet? Over the last 60 years, scientists around the world have worked together to explore the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces that govern their behaviour. The result so far is the Standard Model of elementary particles: a theoretical map of the basic building blocks of the universe. With the discovery of the Higgs particle in 2012, the map as we know it was completed but also extended into strange and wonderful new realms.

A Map of the Invisible is an explorer's guide to the Standard Model and the extraordinary world of particle physics as pioneering physicist Jon Butterworth charts the terrain of atoms and quarks, electrons and neutrinos and the forces that shape the universe. Step by step, discovery by discovery, we journey into the world of the unseen, from everyday physics to the latest research, from the smallest particle to black holes and dark matter and beyond to the outer reaches of the cosmos and the frontiers of human knowledge.

As the journey progresses, A Map of the Invisible provides an essential introduction to our world and to particle physics. It is a landmark work of nonfiction by one of the great scientists and science writers of today.

©2017 Jon Butterworth (P)2017 Random House Audiobooks


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