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    A story about forgiveness, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and discovering what you truly want in life. 

    Welcome to Magnolia.

    Fiona is waiting for her court date to come around. In the meantime, she's determined to find a job to help out her mother's struggling coffee shop. As luck would have it, Maggie has heard of a recluse on the far end of the island who is looking for a housekeeper-slash-chef. 

    Even though Fiona isn't the greatest homemaker, she'd determined to give it a shot. 

    Until she meets Jackson. 

    He's dark. He's broody. And he has a secret that she can't quite figure out. 

    As much as she wants to walk away from him, she soon discovers that there is more to him that he lets on. 

    Penny's life is falling apart. Her job is on the line. She's forced to return to the one place she swore she would never come back to. And she's learning very quickly how much she failed as a mother. 

    Desperate to repair her relationship with Maggie, she tries to be the mother figure she thinks her daughter wants. 

    Problem is, there's a part of her that fears that Maggie will never want her when she discovers who Penny really is. 

    Her heart wants her to stay, but her mind tells her to run away. 

    If you love stories about mother and daughters who find healing and a brooding hero who is more than he appears on the surface, you will love A Magnolia Wedding

    Grab your copy and be whisked away to Magnolia Island today!

    ©2021 Anne-Marie Meyer (P)2021 Anne-Marie Meyer

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