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    A story about uncovering secrets, learning to trust, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

    Welcome to Magnolia

    Penny is settling in on Magnolia Island. As the new owner of Magnolia Daily, she's determined to make the most of her new investment. Nothing is going to get in her way. 

    That is, until her rental floods and she's forced to find another place. 

    Wanting to allow her daughter her own autonomy, Penny discovers there is a room for rent.

    Everything seems perfect until she realizes that it's in the home of Spencer - the quiet, brooding mechanic at Clementine's hardware store. 

    But, it shouldn't be a problem, she has her paper to run. 

    Love isn't on her mind...until it is. 

    Naomi is fairly certain her life couldn't get any lower. 

    After a car accident that leaves her in a wheel chair with a broken hip and leg, Jackson forces her to move in with him. Even though she's a grown woman, she's at the mercy of her big brother. 

    This wasn't the life she had planned for herself. 

    Determined that Magnolia is just a stop on the road to healing, she keeps to herself despite the fact that the Red Stiletto Book Club seems to be everywhere. They are a nice group of women but Naomi has a secret she wants to keep a secret. 

    No matter how insistent these women are or how lonely she feels, Magnolia isn't her home. 

    And it never will be. 

    If you love characters with secrets but hearts of gold, you'll love the sixth installment of The Red Stiletto Book Club series, A Magnolia Move in. Once you visit to this small town, you'll never want to leave.

    Grab your copy today!

    ©2021 Anne-Marie Meyer (P)2021 Anne-Marie Meyer

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