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    A story about second chances, damaging secrets, and discovering the strength you have inside. Welcome to Magnolia.

    Clementine is attempting to adjust to her new normal. With Archer moved out and her father gone, she’s never been this alone or lost. On the spur of the moment, she decides to put in a bid on the vacant space next to the hardware store with the idea of opening a dance studio. If everyone is living their dream, why can’t she? Things turn complicated when the one person she’s bidding against is no other than Jake Palmer. He’s back in her life and once again, messing with her plans.

    Shari’s marriage isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks it is. Sure, she has the perfect house with the white picket fence. The expected, 2.5 children who are perfectly imperfect. But something is going on with Craig and she can feel it. Smell it on his shirt when he comes home. Thankfully, her baby brother Jake is back home and looking to make Magnolia his permanent residence. Even though she doesn’t have to say anything, he seems to understand just what she needs.

    With their lives up in the air, the sisterhood created through the Red Stiletto Book Club just might be what both of these women need. A Magnolia Homecoming with capture you from the beginning. It’s a story full of second chances, laughter, tears, and swoon-worthy romance.

    Don’t pass up this wonderful story! Gret your copy today!

    ©2020 Anne-Marie Meyer (P)2021 Anne-Marie Meyer

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