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    Find out what it's really like to cross 1,400 miles of the Alaskan Highway and travel some of the loneliest and most spectacular parts of America and Canada, all without leaving the comfort of your easy chair. 

    Join author Shawn Inmon and his 20-year-old Subaru Outback on his epic solo road trip through British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska. Part personal odyssey, part travel memoir, take an expedition into one of North America’s last remaining wildernesses. If you dream of packing up your four-wheeler, your snow boots and camera, and setting off to explore the wilderness, A Lap Around Alaska will give you a rare glimpse into the Land of the Midnight Sun, of moose, bear, and bald eagles, of monumental glaciers and scenery so staggering it brings tears to your eyes. 

    If you hunger for adventure and want to discover untouched beauty and to experience the majesty of the pristine North for yourself - Shawn saved the passenger seat just for you. This book also includes two bonus memoirs of life in Alaska in the 1970s - My First Alaskan Summer and My Matanuska Summer.

    ©2017 Shawn Inmon (P)2018 Shawn Inmon

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