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    It is a truth universally acknowledged that first impressions are a bitch.

    In a sea of college freshmen, Elizabeth Bennet feels more like a den mother than a returning student. She’d rather be playing Exploding Kittens than dodge-the-gropers at a frat party, but no way was she letting her innocent, doe-eyed roommate go alone.

    Everything about Meryton College screams old money - something she and Jane definitely are not - but Elizabeth resolves to enjoy herself. That resolve is tested...and so is her temper when she meets Will Darcy, a pompous blowhole with no sense of fun and his relentlessly charming wingman, Charlie.

    Back at school after prolonged break, Will Darcy is far too old and weary for coeds. Yet, even he can see why Charlie spontaneously decides the captivating Jane is “the one”. What throws Will is his own reaction to Jane’s roommate.

    Elizabeth’s moonlight skin and shining laugh hit him like a sucker punch. And he doesn’t like it. Elizabeth Bennet is dangerous, not only because she has a gift for making him make an ass of himself but because she and her razor-sharp wit could too easily throw his life off course, and he can’t afford for that to happen again.

    Yet, he also can’t seem to stay away.

    Warning: This audiobook contains explicit language, very adult scenarios, and references to past sexual assault and drug abuse. A buttoned-down hero with a mile-wide guardian streak, a brash heroine with a nine-mile-wide streak of feminism, a little prejudice, a little more heat, a lot of pride, and a whole lot more love.

    ©2018 Holly Denise Atkinson (P)2019 Holly Denise Atkinson

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