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    Are you facing a tough time with having a loved one suffering from OCD/OCPD? Unlike other books, this guide shares the simple steps to help you progressively reduce compulsive behaviour and improve the condition through self-help practices.

    Inside you will discover:

    • The difference between OCD and perfectionism, as the latter is just a personality trait which you can adjust by yourself unlike OCD
    • The symptoms of OCD, so that you can get help quickly to prevent the condition from worsening
    • The causes of OCD and the diagnosis to enable you to detect the intensity level to find suitable treatment
    • Various OCPD therapy methods to help you ease your anxiety and minimize stress
    • The self-help tools to enable you to manage OCD and OCPD at home through simple practices.
    • And much, much more!

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    ©From 2019 Elizabeth Caroline (P)2019 Elizabeth Caroline

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