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A Glass of Crazy

Sprecher: Rachel Rauch
Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 2 Min.

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Bright and lively... Descriptions of Mexico shine. —Publishers Weekly

Fourteen-year-old Abby uses alcohol to numb her emotions when a video of her cheating, famous father broadcasts on the news. Tensions build with the betrayal of friends and a narcissistic stepmother, whom Abby refers to as "the Kat creature." Eventually, alcohol takes its toll when Abby jumps from a para-sail to search for a flask she dropped in the ocean. But that's not what nearly kills her. Abby uses snarky humor to guide the reader on her journey into the depths of alcoholism and the not so easy road back. Those who like the hit drama series, Recovery Road, won't want to miss A Glass of Crazy.

©2014 Tina Laningham (P)2016 Tina Laningham


"Fresh and funny...." ( Publishers Weekly)
"Set on Galveston Island, the book's fresh and funny premise feels wholly modern, as Abby's politician father, John Alexander, is caught cheating on camera. With her home life broken and her friendships few (the school's mean girls bully her relentlessly), Abby seeks solace in a sweet, nicely fleshed out relationship with her best friend, Rafa. Abby eventually goes to visit her father in San Miguel, Mexico, and learns he has more than enough money to support himself and his mistress, Kat, whom Abby amusingly refers to as "the Kat creature." Descriptions of Mexico shine." ( Publishers Weekly)
"Abby, the plucky 14-year-old protagonist of this compelling, vividly written YA novel, begins self-medicating her sadness with alcohol after her parents' marriage disintegrates when a video surfaces of her senator father with his secret girlfriend. Laningham's narrative draws on the real emotions of teens with divorcing parents and the desperation felt when cliques, friends, and foes turn on them, particularly during their first year of high school. Deft characterization, crisp contemporary dialogue, and an engaging, if somewhat cliched, plot impressively converge in a story that touches on the lows of alcohol addiction and the intensity of friendship, all while applauding the achievement of sobriety. A well-written, relatable, if a bit lengthy, cautionary tale." (Booklife Prize in Fiction)

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