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A Ghostly Murder

A Riverside Lodge and Kennel Cozy Mystery, Book 2
Autor: Libby Saywell
Sprecher: June Skye
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 40 Min.

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Is the Riverside Lodge and Kennel cursed?

Daphne Coleman, an expert in Greek and Roman mythology and a first-class skeptic, thinks it's just a charade. But when a publicity stunt turns deadly at the Riverside Lodge and Kennel, everyone is getting the heebie-jeebies. And, once again, all are suspects in a murder.

To drum up business for the still faltering Lodge, new owner Jason Henning (and Daphne's long-time crush) has brought in a ghost hunting team to investigate the "haunted" areas of the building, with an unusual combination of high tech gadgetry and plan old-fashioned psychic know-how. He's even invited a local investigative reporter for credibility (and free publicity).

But a brief power outage in the middle of the night's event kills the lights unexpectedly - and more. Renown psychic Diana Swanson is found dead in the middle of the séance circle. And suddenly the Lodge has a real publicity problem.

Once again, Daphne puts her own analytical and creative powers to work as she digs into motives and methods, with zero encouragement from hot shot detective Hector Rine, who's hard at work on the case.

Will Daphne's idea for a "spiritual cleansing" by the local pastor put any ghosts to rest?

Or just create more havoc?

And just who is the murderer?

©2016 AWA Publishing (P)2016 AWA Publishing

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