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    This audiobook aims to nurture in children a love for God and for all his creation. There are many sources of instruction from God about the principles of life. Education is fun for little ones when it goes beyond the traditional classroom and textbooks. Children are invited to have an amazing outdoor experience by observing and taking notes from all kinds of wise animals, insects, fish, and birds from which they learn valuable lessons. By acknowledging the wisdom of animals, children can get an idea of God's intelligent design.

    The memory verses help children to remember the lesson they have learned and apply it to real-life situations. Moments of helplessness, fear, discouragement, hastiness, laziness, indifference, disobedience can be replaced with trust, faith, courage, patience, diligence, caring for others, and obedience.

    This practical way of learning can shape behaviours and characters and prepare our children for Heaven.

    ©2021 Lilia Lupan-Nikolova (P)2021 Lilia Lupan-Nikolova

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