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    ***A Steamy Regency Romance***

    Hidden identities, secret pasts.

    Lady Margaret Duval is being forced to marry her father’s best friend, a man she truly despises. A man she can never admire. Just once she wants to know what if feels like to love. To experience life as it was meant to be.

    Pretending to be simply Meg Miller, a common lady’s maid, she sneaks away for a touch of adventure.

    Renowned rake, the Duke of Suffolk, has grown tired of a hedonistic London. A few weeks traveling the back country of England sounds too appealing to ignore. Of course, a duke of the realm would never be accepted into that world. His only hope to blend in and find a touch of reality is by pretending to be simply Ian Temple, an itinerant painter traveling from village to village in search of the perfect subject.

    Two people pretending to be someone else. Two people searching for more to life, hoping to find honesty and truth by hiding their reality, believing the other would never be accepted into their world. 

    ©2020 G. L. Snodgrass (P)2020 G. L. Snodgrass

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