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A Different Past, Book 2

Autor: Jameson Watts
Sprecher: Cory Mikhals
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 3 Min.

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Connor discovers the truth about the Time Typer: how it came to be, how it affects the past, and how it creates a new future. However, he soon realizes that his influence on the future may or may not be a positive one. When he learns that Marcus lives another life because of him, he begins to understand that his mission to change the world is going to change much more than that. The past, present, and future of everyone he knows - and perhaps even the rest of his very own existence - delicately hang in the balance. Will he be able to prevent the miserable fate of mankind, or will his efforts to distort reality lead only to a more twisted future? Only time will tell.

©2015 Sender Publishing (P)2015 Sender Publishing

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