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    My name is Bryce Song, and for my entire life, I have lived in the shadow of a deadly bloom that not only kills, but raises the dead. Since the plague’s beginning, my people have journeyed toward our God’s promised lands atop the backs of the Guardians. I have always wondered if we would reach our destination and felt helpless against the seemingly insurmountable odds.

    A great valley filled with its fallen peoples and their undead protector separates us from our salvation. The only chance of killing our monstrous enemy is to find a weapon, once wielded by our God. During the long journey, our heroes have been slain, and few are willing to embark on a quest to retrieve the holy relic.

    There’s no question what I must do. I must journey to the last resting place of our God and reclaim the weapon that will save my people from certain destruction.

    ©2019 Kody Boye (P)2021 Kody Boye

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