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A Conception of the Universe or Exploring the Universe from Within

A Thought Experiment and Essay
Sprecher: Tim Campbell
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 40 Min.

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Visualize and explore the wonders of our universe. Black holes, dark matter, space-time, gravity, light-speed, orbits, photons, dark energy, solar systems, the big bang, expansion, the shape of the universe, and even the multiverse!

"The following is an intellectual exercise used in an attempt to formulate a larger perspective of the cosmos, applying evidence, logic, and imagination; to lay the ground on which one is able to construct hypothetical tentative chains of thought. Doing so, an individual has the opportunity to formulate diverse models of various subjects, including the very universe of which they or we are a part; thus providing potential explanations and viewpoints to subjects that may otherwise be unattainable or at times even undefinable. Together we shall endeavor to visualize a handful of the universe's known laws. Then continue further by speculating likely or at least possible solutions to other issues that we are currently only able to speculate on. Provisional or temporary concepts we are willing to amend as updated data is acquired or learned."

Using a series of brilliantly described thought experiments, Vogt illustrates his ever-evolving models, laying the foundation to conceptualize concepts that may at times be difficult to fully imagine. Science teaches us one hard-earned, laborious step at a time, how nature itself unfolds. However, without imagination, science would never make the great leaps forward we are all growing so used to. "In the lab, we have access to an unlimited supply of hypothetical technology and infinite space to create, all at our control, and it's all free to use." Explore the universe within your own mind and expand your conceptual understanding of the cosmos with this amazing and inspiring, thought-provoking and wonderfully written adventure.

"Daddy, why is the moon following us?"

©2015 Jeffrey C. Vogt (P)2015 Jeffrey C. Vogt

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