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    Brought to you by Penguin.

    The ninth novel in the best-selling Shipyard Girls series.

    Sunderland, 1943: as Christmas approaches in the shipyards, everyone is hoping for a little magic....

    Helen would love to find the courage to tell the dashing Dr Parker of her true feelings for him. But how can she when he clearly has eyes for someone else?

    More than a year has passed since Bel's wedding to sweetheart Joe. She knows she has much to feel thankful for and yet there is still one burning desire which she cannot ignore.

    And as Polly grows with child, she hopes against hope for a safe delivery - and that her husband, Tommy, can soon return from the front line to meet their new arrival.

    There will be storms to weather, but guided by their strength and friendship, there is still hope for each of the shipyard girls that their Christmas wishes will come true.

    ©2020 Nancy Revell (P)2020 Penguin Audio

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