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Jacques Attali, a French economist and former adviser to Francois Mitterand, lays out a chilling vision of our global future based on the paths taken by mankind throughout the course of history. In A Brief History of the Future, Attali argues that the progression toward individual freedoms has meant a greater focus on economic concerns rather than theological or militaristic ones which, in Attali's view, will lead to a dismantling of the nation-state. Alan Robertson has a gravelly voice that oddly manages to be soothing as well as unsettling as he details Attali's provocative vision of the impending world.


What will planet Earth be like in 20 years? At mid-century? In the year 2100? Prescient and convincing, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future. Never has the world offered more promise for the future and been more fraught with dangers. In this powerful and sometimes terrifying work, Attali analyzes the past and pinpoints nine distinct periods of human history, each with its world center of power and prestige, and predicts what the tenth will bring by the end of this century.

Attali foresees the disappearance of individual countries and the dominance of a world government, with democracy prevailing. However, the ultimate, burning question is: Will we leave our children and grandchildren a world that is not only viable but better, or in this nuclear world bequeath to them a planet that will be a living hell? Either way, he warns, the time to act is now.

©2006, 2011 Librairie Arthème Fayard, English-language translation copyright 2009, 2011 by Arcade Publishing (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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