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80 Tips Tricks and Perspective Shifts for Everyday Action

Sprecher: Paul G Bailey
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Live your life, take more action. If you not only want to get unstuck, but also learn how to develop lasting motivation, then this is the audiobook for you. The experienced team of ActionPodcast Coaches knows that ordinary things, consistently done, produce extraordinary results. 

80 Tips, Tricks and Perspective Shifts for Everyday Action will help you gain and maintain the momentum you want, and the results you desire. In just a few minutes, you’ll find at least one step (and 79 more) that you can do today and feel the momentum building before you go to sleep tonight.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Boost your daily energy to avoid boredom and finish as strong as you start (Surprise! It’s not all about diet and exercise!)
  • Gain greater understanding of what really works for you and stop making the same mistakes over and over again
  • Get more done in the time you have without having to sacrifice the things you love 
  • Finally get control of your finances to confidently live for today and save for the future
  • Step out of your comfort zone and build your network of friends and colleagues at the same time
  • Understand your partner and friends better so you can create lasting happiness and successful relationships (’ll understand yourself better too!) 
  • Accelerate your career path and raise your professional profile while having more fun along the way
  • Build unflappable confidence to thrive in almost any situation, even when you’re not prepared in advance

ActionPodcast is your source of regular inspiration and motivation for taking positive action in your life. From health to careers, managing stress to managing time, this UK-based, international team of coaches provides down-to-earth practical insights and actionable advice for making consistent progress in every important area of your life.

©2012-2017 Paul G Bailey (P)2017 Paul G Bailey

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