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    74-Minute Course Intuitive Automatic Writing with an altered-state meditation

    Automatic writing is a matter of allowing a spirit to channel awareness through your hand to write information you had no other way of knowing. Dick Sutphen refined his way of teaching this mediumistic technique over 30 years. By beginning with intuitive writing, everyone receives information and soon moves on to full-on automatic writing.

    The course begins with case histories and answers to the most-asked questions. Track two is an "Altered-State Preparation Talk" to prepare you for a successful experience. Track three is the "Intuitive/Automatic Writing Altered-State Session". Richard uses a chakra-balancing and energizing induction to expand your aura. Extra spiritual protection is invoked, and your Spirit Guide is called in to assist you and make contact with an entity of your choice. (Or communicate with your Guide or Higher Mind.) Then ask your question and write. Track four is a debriefing session. You can easily learn to communicate with spirit in this way. 

    1. Track 1: "Introduction"
    2. Track 2: "Altered State Preparation"
    3. Track 3: "Automatic Writing Session"
    4. Track 4: "Final Talk"
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