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    Pip Fisher suffered with alcoholism for most of his adult life. At the height of his drinking, he was consuming over one liter of vodka per day, drinking morning, noon, and night to satisfy his habit. Pip did finally achieve sobriety and, through this audiobook, explains how you can, too.

    Pip has beat his addiction at age 37 and now lives a peaceful life without alcoholism and no longer craves or drinks alcohol anymore. The aim of this audiobook is to help alcoholics, people with alcoholism or alcohol addiction, quit drinking and get their lives back before it's too late. This is all done through your own home alcohol detoxification.

    Pip does not class himself as an alcoholic. Just as a normal human who was once addicted to alcohol for 20+ years. In this audiobook, he goes over everything you need to prepare to safely run your own home alcohol detox. Alcohol detoxification can be achieved without going to expensive alcohol detox facilities. In this audiobook, Pip himself, once a raging alcoholic, goes into great detail on how to perform your own home alcohol detox and quit drinking forever.

    This is the way that Pip has helped many clients over the years stop drinking alcohol and get their lives back - without religion and without praying to a higher power or thanking god. This audiobook is not religious in anyway.

    There are many names for alcohol addiction, being an alcoholic, or having alcoholism. Your body is addicted to the ethanol in the alcohol, and it's simply an addiction, granted a very strong one at that. This addiction can be broken. You just need to go through this audiobook step by step and devise yourself a plan that suits you and your surroundings.

    ©2016 Philip Davidson (P)2018 Philip Davidson

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