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    She only wants me for my body. I just wish she hadn't used it that way. 

    I found where the Devil keeps his pets, and now I have one of my own. 

    Every morning I wake up screaming, knowing I'll be killed each day. 

    The wolves were disappearing from the Alaskan wilderness, and I discovered what they were being turned into. 

    Have you met the only demon in heaven? 

    Over 50 unique and chilling horror stories include haunted houses, gothic Hellscapes, murderous psychopaths, human experiments, alien abductions, alternate dimensions, mind-warping drugs, terrifying paranormal encounters, and so much more.

    What are you afraid of?    

    Grab Sleepless Nights now, and stay awake all night with the lights on.

    ©2021 Tobias Wade (P)2021 Luisa Angel

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