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523 Hard to Believe Facts

Better Explained, Counterintuitive and Fun Trivia from the Creator of (Paramount Trivia and Quizzes, Book 5)
Autor: Nayden Kostov
Spieldauer: 3 Std.

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Which was the first country to give the citizenship to a robot? 

Is the dark side of the Moon always dark? 

What is the sismo detector? 

Discover the answers to these seemingly random questions and more!

The interesting trivia in this pause-resisting fact audiobook were collected by Nayden Kostov, founder of the RaiseYourBrain website and author of popular fact books such as 1123 Hard to Believe Facts, and 853 Hard to Believe Facts

As the third installment of this series, 523 Hard to Believe Facts has more detail for each fact, as requested by previous fans! These facts are a result of years of sifting through history and reference books, as well as searching the Internet and researching the news.

Each fact is suitable for nearly any age. The “spiciest” entries are separated and listed in their own chapter, but still use clean language!

Become a trivia whiz with even more facts in the Hard to Believe Facts series!

©2019 Nayden Kostov (P)2020 Nayden Kostov

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