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    Today (any day you're reading this) I'm rolling out the AHB AFFORDABLE AUDIOBOOK ACT

    *You get to keep all the audioooks you already own

    * No enrollment because it is a fiction (fake) program and not really "real"

    *All programming of AHB audioooks are non-government funded

    Now a little about this audiobook: 50 Ways to Fix Obamacare

    Can be used by government workers to use as a template to actually fix Obamacare

    And for regular people to read and urge said government workers to implement at least 1 of the 50 ways I see they can fix Obamacare

    Or all of them at once!

    Oh and if you find it funny and have a little laugh, well all the better!

    ©2013 AHB (P)2014 AHB

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