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5 Moving Average Signals That Beat Buy and Hold

Sprecher: Scott Clem
Spieldauer: 53 Min.
Kategorien: Geld & Finanzen

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Learn five winning and backtested trading systems that beat buy and hold investing. Steve goes step-by-step, showing the results of 16 years worth of backtested results of some of the most popular moving average signals so you can see how to get in, when to get out, and how to use backtesting to your advantage!

Benefit from 20 years of trading experience

Limit your chances of trading ruin by learning from someone with more than 20 years in the stock market. Steve will teach you about winning stock market trading systems.

Not sure where to start?

Are you unsure about trading moving averages? Want to see actual stock market backtests? Not sure where to start? This book will give you trading clarity.

Learn the five moving average trading signals

This book will give you a great understanding of the power of trend following.

You'll learn:

  • Can you beat buy and hold?
  • Why buy and hold investing works long-term
  • The emotional factor
  • The different time periods
  • Moving average signal number one: The most popular moving average
  • Moving average signal number two: Avoid noise
  • Moving average signal number three: The gold and death crosses
  • Moving average signal number four: A popular crossover system
  • Moving average signal number five: Basic trend following

This book features:

  • Easy to understand explanations of complex topics
  • Backtests with charts for each example
  • Access to a powerful trading course at NewTraderU

©2017 Steve Burns and Holly Burns (P)2017 Steve Burns and Holly Burns

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