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    Those poems, "The Flowers of Evil", are a masterpiece of french literature.

    "Les fleurs du mal", in english "The Flowers of Evil", is a volume of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire. The poems deal with themes relating to decadence and eroticism. The author and the publisher were prosecuted in France under the regime of the Second Empire as an "outrage aux bonnes mœurs" ("an insult to public decency"). Because of this prosecution, Baudelaire was fined 300 francs. Victor Hugo announced that Baudelaire had created "un nouveau frisson" (a new shudder, a new thrill) in literature. The list of the 49 poems from "The Flowers of Evil" by Charles Baudelaire: The Shooting-Range And The Cemetery, The Marksman, The Owls, The Little Old Women, The Ideal, The Invitation To The Voyage, The Glass-Vendor, The Ghost, The Gifts Of The Moon, The Eyes Of Beauty, The Flask, The Desire To Paint, The Double Chamber, The Confiteor Of The Artist, The Corpse, The Death Of The Poor, The Benediction, Robed In A Silken Robe, Sonnet Of Autumn, Spleen, Sunset, The Accursed, Little Poems In Prose - The Stranger, Mist And Rain, Music, Reversibility, Gypsies Travelling, Intoxication, La Beatrice, Bien Loin D'ici, Contemplation, Every, Man His Chimæra, Already, An Allegory, At One O'clock In The Morning, A Landscape, A, Madrigal Of Sorrow, Venus And The Fool, What Is Truth, To A Brown Beggar-Maid, To A Madonna, The Wine Of Lovers, The Voyage, The Thyrsus - To Franz Liszt, The Sky, The Soul Of Wine, The Swan, The Remorse Of The Dead, The Seven Old Man.
    ©public domain (P)2016 Compagnie du Savoir

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