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30 Ways to Cope with the Narcissist's Anger

Transcend Mediocrity, Book 180
Autor: Jamie Keller
Sprecher: Carl Moore
Spieldauer: 35 Min.
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A relationship with a narcissist is one of the most traumatizing experiences that one can get into. It is similar to the trauma that a child experiences when he or she feels helpless at the hands of an abusive parent. A person who suffers at the hand of a narcissistic partner can quickly begin to lose his or her own grasp on reality. He or she may even begin to experience symptoms of psychosis, disorientation, depersonalization, derealization, and dissociation.

The narcissist's anger can be terrifying to face. It is explosive, inconsistent, and unpredictable. The narcissist can be set off by the most innocuous statement. He can suddenly fly into a rage that is threatening to everyone who is in his vicinity. He might lose his cool in public, but it is more often that his fury is unleashed on someone who is weaker than he is. He takes out his anger, aggression, and adjustment problems on a victim who is the least likely to attack him back. The narcissist doesn't pick on anyone his own size, because he is afraid of someone else humiliating him. He is also fearful of authority figures, even when he claims not to be.

The purpose of this book is to teach the narcissist's partner how to deal with the narcissist's explosive anger. It seeks to explain how and why the narcissist unleashes his anger on other people. It describes the risks that are prevalent when a narcissist loses control.

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