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30 Ways to Become One with God

Autor: Ernest Holmes
Sprecher: Greg Young
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 14 Min.

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Unto you is given the power to create and accomplish in life the deep desires of your heart. The incarnation of God in man, as man, is this power. Freely it is given to all alike. Some intuitively realize this and bring forth great works. Others are lulled by their material acceptances from childhood to the present and never realize that within them is this unconditioned possibility. The infinite expects the finite to reproduce in its area all that which the infinite is. God’s expectation is upon you. 

It bids you arise from the lethargy of what you believe and move into the area of sure knowledge, which is spiritual. You may believe you cannot succeed, but God expects you to prosper and has equipped you to do so. You may believe that the world is against you, but the divine knows that in your inward parts is written a right use of the law of mind that can change the world. 

The power of God to accomplish does not ask for your supplication. It awaits your recognition that it is. As you act with authority, the power accepts your direction and brings to pass your dictates. Piety and meekness limit the free action of God. Sincerity and intention give it freedom to perform its full mission.

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