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3 Top CEOs' Mantras for Success (Rupa Quick Reads)

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In 3 Top CEOs' Mantras for Success, India's finest CEOs and business leaders tell you what it takes to be successful. They take you to the heart of their enormous businesses and tell you how they built these corporations and grew them to their present standards of excellence. These icons of business will show you how to find the keys to greatness, unlock the secrets of their ability to innovate, break the conventions, overcome challenges and generate strategies.

Many of them have a lot of qualities in common, and all of them have a number of abilities that set them apart as the best. They talk candidly and clearly about these aspects of their lives and work and the elusive 'X factor' needed to win.

This is a book that is intended for the general listener who wants to build a successful career and life, but it will specifically benefit those who are involved in business and management - from trainees to CEOs.

©2017 Suhel Seth, Sunny Sen (P)2017 Audible, Inc.

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