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    •  Are you feeling depressed and uninspired? 
    • Do you feel like giving up? 
    • Do you ever feel like you've lost hope?

    Sometimes we need something to uplift the spirits, remind ourselves of our infinite value, insane levels of potential, and inspire us to take action! 

    Quotes have been something that I have used for many years to help pick myself up - at any time - and start over. The quotes that I have compiled in this book are my own personal collection of saying, phrases and sentences that help give me fuel to conquer the world. My collection is now your collection.

    Listen to this straight through whenever you need a boost of energy. This book is a worthwhile lifelong companion that will guide you through your personal journey and assist you in accomplishing your goals. 

    So what are you waiting for? Stop what you're doing, buy now, download it to your device, and start listening right now!

    ©2019 Cameron Monaghan (P)2020 Cameron Monaghan

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