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    Narcissists are everywhere. It is said that we are in the midst of a narcissist epidemic. Some sources claim that one in four people is a narcissist. This means that your child, parent, neighbor, coworker, friend, or partner could very well be a narcissist.

    Narcissists are often not harmful when they keep to themselves. Their behavior becomes a problem when they try to interact with other people. They often don't know how to act, and thus they cause others a significant deal of pain. It is often hard to distinguish whether the narcissist is being malicious, inadvertently neglectful, or just plain self-centered in his behaviors. This causes anxiety in a person who is trying to relate to a narcissist in any way. He seems like he is a chameleon with ever-changing colors and a mood to go with each one.

    ©2016 J.B. Snow (P)2016 J.B. Snow

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