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    Founded in 1786, New Lanark was one of England's longest-running and most successful attempts at creating an industrial Socialist Utopian society. Only about a mile and half from Lanark, Scotland, New Lanark has since been added to the UNESCO's World Heritage sites. In this Audio Journey, Patricia L. Lawrence takes us on a tour along with Richard Evans, one of the development officers of the village and historic cotton milling facilities. Both Lawrence and Evans develop a friendly rapport that makes this audiobook a pleasure to hear.


    In Scotland's Clyde River Valley, not far from Glasgow, the industrial town of New Lanark was established in 1785. New Lanark was one of the largest cotton manufacturing centers in Great Britain, and a model for how employees, both adults and their children were treated by the companies they worked for.

    Today, New Lanark is a model of cultural heritage, preservation and restoration thanks to the New Lanark Conservation Trust. We are exploring the Village with Richard Evans, development officer for the trust.

    ©2009 Travel Radio International Audio Journeys (TM) (P)2009 Travel Radio International Audio Journeys (TM)

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