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2289 A.D.

The Ashlyn Chronicles, Book 3
Sprecher: Karey James Kimmel
Serie: The Ashlyn Chronicles, Titel 3
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 12 Min.

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2289 A.D. is an action-packed, post-apocalyptic, time travel story...set in a paranormal universe against a dark enemy. Full of twists and turns, the Ashlyn Chronicles will keep you guessing as to what comes next.

2289 A.D. is not a standalone novel. We strongly recommend you first listen to 2287 A.D. and 2288 A.D. It is where the characters are first introduced and there is much to be learned about the far reaching arc of the story line and why they make the choices they do.

2289 A.D. starts where the second novel ends. It will take Ashlyn and Steven back in time one million years. This is where Ashlyn's incredible journey into the heart of the darkness begins. As the last surviving human, she is humanity's only hope.

Like 2287 A.D., 2289 A.D. is packed full of action and adventure. Personally, we hate a long description of how a star-drive engine operates. We hope that you too will enjoy a story that moves quickly.

Our thanks to Zechariah Sitchin, the Ancient Aliens show on History Channel, Erich von Daniken, Richard C. Hoagland, Gerald Clark, and George Noory. Thank you for brightening the darkness and providing us with the backdrop for our heroes.

©2017 Renee Van Dyke / Glenn Van Dyke (P)2017 Renee Van Dyke / Glenn Van Dyke

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