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    If you are familiar with the Radical Forgiveness technology, you will already have experienced the process known as The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness and know how powerful it is.

    Since it was so successful, it made perfect sense to use the same technology for Radical Manifestation. We knew that your power to manifest would be enhanced if the technology that delivers it used both sight and hearing. So the 13 Steps Process on the CD is actually a Radical Manifestation worksheet in verbal form. With the 13 Steps process, instead of having to write it all down on the worksheet, all you have to do is answer "Yes" to all the questions that require an answer.

    This is an add-on to Radical Manifestation, The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want.

    ©2007 Global 13 Publications (P)2007 Global 13 Publications

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