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12 Universal Laws

Become a Law of Attraction Master in 12 Steps
Sprecher: Zac Clay
Spieldauer: 39 Min.

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Twelve secrets! Twelve laws!

Dive into 12 long-lost Universal Laws that could change your life!

After reading or listening to many Law of Attraction books, you find yourself extremely inspired and hopeful, but you lack the methods and techniques that it work.

What you need is to get into the nuts and bolts of the Secret and receive exact instruction on how to practically apply the 12 Universal Laws.

Simply sitting down while closing your eyes and wishing for a million dollars is not going to work. You need a proven plan with exact steps you can take to get there. Going from A to B is a journey and you need a companion on the road.

Knowing about the Law of Attraction but not knowing how to apply it can lead to frustration and a lot of guilt. It's not your fault nobody taught you how to apply the principles in this book! They were too eager selling you a dream that they forgot to show you the details needed to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

Are you eager to learn the 12 Universal Laws?

Many ask us: "How can I be sure this works for me?" If you follow along with the 12 simple steps and apply them one by one it will work!

You may not get everything right the first week, but that's okay! This knowledge could potentially change your whole life for the better and can afford to wait a week for that, right?

Each of the 12 Laws contain one piece of the puzzle that you formerly were missing. The Law of Attraction is just one of these secrets. You're getting 11 more powerful secrets to leverage you getting everything you want in life.

Even if you only applied one of the 12 Laws you'd be reaping benefits for years to come!

Imagine if you were able to integrate all 12 of them. The world would be at your feet and your dreams would come true one by one.

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