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    Whether you are a parent, teacher, carer, or social worker, looking after a child with autism can be challenging, especially when it comes to social interactions with other people.

    In this audiobook, we delve deep into the world of autism in children, helping you see the world from their perspective and providing more clarity on the inner workings of a child with autism. Loaded with practical advice, activities, and countless hours of research, 11 Principles Every Child with Autism Wished You Practiced will equip you with the necessary skills and techniques to help you positively influence their lives.

    Here's what you're going to discover in this audiobook: 

    • Ways to make a child with autism feel loved and appreciated.
    • How to recognize and deal with breakdowns.
    • How to build fun and structured autism friendly routines.
    • Ten communication techniques every child with autism wished you practiced.
    • Raising a child with autism to be self-sufficient.

    Children with autism have a completely different experience of the world than normal kids, and it can be frustrating for parents who do not have any idea of how to deal with this unique situation. Profound and deeply insightful, 11 Principles Every Child with Autism Wished You Practiced is unlike any other guide on helping autistic children lead full lives. This audiobook is not only for parents, but also for teachers, relatives, social workers, nurses, and others who wish to see autism from a child's perspective.

    To purchase 11 Principles Every Child with Autism Wished You Practiced, click "Buy Now".

    ©2018 Una Cuthbert (P)2018 Una Cuthbert

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