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    Never Pay for Promotion Again!

    Dan Howe, author of The Minute Marketer, brings you this list of over 101 freely available resources you can put into action right now to start driving traffic to your website or blog.

    This list contains a few you may have heard of before but many that are well-kept secrets among successful (yet frugal) bloggers and marketers. What does it take to win a customer for life? First of all, you need a great site....

    Inside, we'll show you:

    • How to get free advertising and free publicity for your website or blog using tools and sites found all over the web
    • How to target an effective niche to dial in the strongest web traffic
    • How to exploit the free tools of
    • Why website building is really not as hard as you may think
    • Website optimization and free website building tools such as Wordpress
    • What tools to choose for an effective marketing strategy
    • Current SEO (search engine optimization) issues
    • How others are using their sites to make money on the Internet that provides them incomes for life

    ©2014 2ndEmpireMedia LLC (P)2016 2ndEmpireMedia LLC

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