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    Foreword by Gino Blefari, CEO of HomeServices of America & Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

    Create your own life of financial freedom and start today.

    A group of blokes from down under moved to the US to achieve financial freedom through US real estate. They are livin’ the dream. Here’s how you can, too!

    Americans are lulled into thinking they are living the American Dream when in reality they are one negative event away from financial ruin. What can wake Americans up from their hypnotic state to see the opportunity that exists in their own backyard?

    Meet your Real Estate Mates, a group of bold blokes who traveled 10,000 miles from Australia to the United States to have a crack at real estate investing where opportunity is massive.

    Sharing their unique perspectives and proven track records of success — over 600 million in transactions collectively — the eight Real Estate Mates show you different ways to invest in US real estate and how to do it right with the power of an A-Team.

    • Realize the American Dream is in your backyard — and yours for the taking!
    • Know that whatever the current US market is doing, there’s always opportunity in US real estate investing.
    • Learn the latest technology trends in real estate.
    • Create a dynamic A-Team to position you for success
    • Discover the different ways to get started investing in US real estate, including multifamily, turnkey, mobile home parks, hotels, syndication, and technology.
    • Find a pathway to invest whether you have lots of money to invest or you’re just starting out.
    • Let your money go to work for you with syndication.
    • Gain the financial resources you need to accelerate your wealth.
    • Listen to case studies of investment deals.
    • Get started on achieving the real American Dream for yourself, mate!

    Let us guide you on how and where to invest so you can write your own future — financially free.

    ©2019, 2020 Friends Afar, LLC (P)2020 Friends Afar, LLC

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