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10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East

Sprecher: Dr. Tommy Weir
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 19 Min.

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Dr. Tommy Weir's latest contribution is a must-listen for every corporate leader wanting to gain the inside track on doing business in the Middle East. 10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East is a practical guide for expats and locals alike, providing tips to lead in an environment that is vastly different from the world with which most upper-management members have been working. You may be wondering, "Where did these 10 tips come from?"

Dr. Tommy spent a decade up close and personally researching leadership in the Arab World. This started with understanding sociological trends to frame the context for the Middle East, demographic implications, organizational behavior, and leadership approaches. His extensive experience includes working with more than 30 companies, interviewing over 700 leaders, and developing at least 3,000 leaders.

Acknowledging the vast differences found across the Arab World, Dr. Weir focuses on the principal similarities between the GCC, Levant, and Egypt, even within the GCC that exist within the business world. These areas of commonality are substantial, and he uses them to craft an engaging collection of tips that help leaders enter this part of the business world with confidence and clear direction. With the purpose of aiding potential or current business leaders who wish to succeed in the Middle East, this book is a constant companion for the senior executive.

Whether one is embarking on a senior leadership position or merely curious and a seeker of leadership knowledge, you will find 10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East to be a fascinating guide written by someone who knows firsthand the potential inside the boardroom within the corporate world of the Middle East. This audiobook immediately separates itself from theoretical texts while keeping the focus on the applicable nature of leading in the Middle East.

©2013 Dr. Tommy Weir (P)2015 Dr. Tommy Weir

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