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    From the best-selling authors of The Way of Kata, The Little Black Book of Violence, and Musashi's Dokkodo...your immutable path to victory!

    All 10 precepts in this concise audiobook cut to the heart of ending physical confrontations as quickly as possible with empty-hand techniques. Our definition of "ending" is to make the attack stop. There is no running after the now-fleeing assailant to catch and strike him down. There is no lesson, no teaching, no therapy, no epiphany. There is only making that bad guy stop what he is doing instantly so that you and those you care about will be safe.

    The strategy of karate is based on principle, what practitioners do to prepare for contact with an adversary, while tactics are what we do during the heat of battle. Practicing a martial art from tactics upward to principles creates a house of cards that will collapse from a gentle breeze, whereas working downward from principles into tactics builds a formidable foundation that can weather near any storm.

    These 10 principles are style-agnostic and all about ending fights immediately. They define how to best apply your skills and training in the real world. Those who work with these principles will find swiftness, clarity, and victory in so doing.

    About the authors: Kris Wilder, BCC, was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2018. He holds black belt rankings in karate, judo, and taekwondo, conducting seminars across the United States, Canada, and Europe. A nationally board-certified life coach and prolific author, Kris has lectured at Washington State University and Susquehanna University.

    ©2021 Kris Alan Wilder (P)2021 Kris Alan Wilder


    eLit Gold Medalist

    A 2021 Independent Press Award winner

    A 15th Annual National Indie Excellence Award finalist

    A 2021 International Book Award finalist

    "Since losing isn't an option on or off the mat, this is an absolute must read for karateka." (Christian Wedewardt, founder and head of Karatepraxis - Frechen, Germany)

    "Wilder and Kane, both prolific authors and active martial artists, have synthesized decades of their industry-proven experience to bring you 10 must-have principles to integrate into your martial arts and self-defence curriculum. Get the book. I did!" (Chris Hanson, founder of Karate Unity - Toronto, Canada) 

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