John Stonehouse

John Stonehouse

John Stonehouse is a writer who's spent a lot of time traveling, both in the states and overseas. Interested in history, literature, music and poetry he's drawn to wide-open spaces; places few people go, inside or out. His 2014 debut 'An American Outlaw' gained widespread acclaim - earning a place among 50 'successors to the greats' in contemporary crime fiction. ( His second book, the much-anticipated 'An American Kill', is out now - set twenty years prior to events in An American Outlaw, it features Deputy US Marshal John Whicher and forms book two in The Whicher Series. Book three is currently underway - alongside production of the audiobook version of Outlaw for release in 2016. John's also busy working on a collection of short stories. For more from the hard-bitten Texas badlands, check out... follow @JohnStonehouse2 https:www.// or find him at Facebook

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