Chief Inspector Gamache/Three Pines

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A man of deep intellect, quiet courage, and integrity, Québec Inspector Armand Gamache defies the stereotype of a macho cop - brilliantly!

Chief Inspector of the Surêté du Québec, Armand Gamache leads a team of investigators in the Three Pines, a rural village south of Montreal rich in natural beauty and eccentric residents. In this idyllic setting, Gamache is continually challenged with baffling murders that demand the full force of his deductive erudition, and insight into the individuals involved. Whether taking place in a monastery, an art gallery, or the forest, each mystery reveals more layers to the people of Three Pines, as well as Inspector Gamache, his deputy Jean-Guy Beauvoir, and other series regulars.

Author Louise Penny chose two brilliant narrators to match her thoughtful detective. Ralph Cosham offers a deep reading of Inspector Gamache, opening the hero’s mind, heart, and soul for listeners to experience on a visceral level. As one avid listener declares: “I don’t think I would ever be able to read Louise Penny’s books as long as I can listen to the wonder Ralph Cosham narrate, since he IS Inspector Gamache!” Robert Bathurst, Cosham’s successor after his death, captures the complex personality of the perceptive Chief Inspector, emphasizing his humanity, compassion, and wit along with his erudition. Both narrators excel at character studies of the various players in each case, from an elderly Anglo librarian to a spirited nine-year-old boy.

A #1 New York Times and Globe and Mail best-selling author, Louise Penny has won numerous awards for her Chief Inspector Gamache novels, including a CWA Dagger and the Agatha Award (five times). She lives in a small village south of Montreal. The series debut mystery, Still Life, was made into a TV movie, released in 2013.

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