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    Patrick Holden was a good-for-nothing scoundrel, taking what he wanted without regards to anyone else. At least he had been, until a few months ago when fate dealt him the blow he'd been tempting.

    Candace Tibbet lived alone with her neglectful father, and when Patrick showed her the merest of affections, she gave him attention if only to feel loved for a brief moment.

    Neither expected a kiss to land them in front of a judge, forced to participate in a wedding they didn't want. Then, only months into their marriage, a fire left Candace physically scarred for life.

    Guilt consumed Patrick. Candace feared she'd never be loved.

    When given the opportunity to walk away from their marriage with no strings attached, will love become the greatest complication of all?

    ©2015 Leah Atwood (P)2015 Leah Atwood

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